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Personal Injury Settlements & Victories in Athens, GA

At Hall & Collins Injury Law, our attorneys have a long track record of success in this complex area of law. Backed by over 30 years of combined legal experience and over $60 million recovered on behalf of our clients, we know what it takes to achieve a favorable outcome. Over the years, we helped countless clients get the compensation they needed and we can help you, too. To see our past case results, feel free to view them below or reach out to our firm at (706) 445-3785. Call now and schedule a free consultation with our Athens personal injury lawyers.

    • Burn Injury / Fuel Explosion $5 Million

      Defendants tried to blame my client for starting the explosion by striking a match while he was pumping fuel.

    • Auto / Farm Tractor CollisionElbow Fracture/ Lacerated Kidney/ Punctured Lung $3.5 Million

      Defendant driver claimed the sun was in his eyes, but he was driving south west at 8 a.m.

    • Fall Case v. Retail Store $1.75 Million

      83 year old lady suffered a fractured elbow & a fractured hip. Retail store denied liability throughout the case. We used a slow motion version of the surveillance video to totally disprove the retail store’s defense.

    • Trucking Case / Products Liability $1.74 Million

      Commercial truck manufacturer initially claimed it had never heard of a "load sensing proportioning valve," which helps prevent brake induced jack knifing in tractor trailer rigs. We discovered the manufacturer had actually tested the valves on its trucks - and they worked!

    • Auto / Neck Surgery $1.6 Million

      The at-fault driver declared bankruptcy shortly after the crash. Thankfully, we researched and found multiple layers of underinsured motorist coverage for my client.

    • Auto / Neck & Hip Surgery $1.5 Million

      At fault party rear-ended a car and knocked it into the path of my client’s oncoming vehicle. My client was a 55-year-old who underwent neck and hip surgery. We successfully recovered the $500,000 liability policy and the $1 million umbrella policy.

    • Daycare / Burn Injury $1.5 Million

      My client was an 11 month old orphan who was placed in a daycare facility. The facility continued to use a bottle warmer with a defective thermostat that would get so hot it would pop the bottles. They left the cord near my client's crib, and she pulled it into the crib on top of her, burning her neck and arm severely.

    • Home Health Care / Drug Overdose Case $1.278 Million Verdict (8 Times The Best Offer)

      My client died when she received a fatal overdose of narcotic medicine when the nurse was attempting to refill her pain medicine pump that was installed in her spine. Defendant claimed such an overdose was impossible due to the design of the pump, which had no known failures.

    • Failed Hip Implant / MRSA Infection / Products Liability $1.125 Million

      Defendant claimed its hip implant design had the lowest failure rate of any implant in the country. We sent off the failed implant for 3D scanning, which measures it to one-millionth of an inch. The measurements showed the implant was manufactured outside of the manufacturer's tolerances, which resulted in the failure.

    • Auto / Back Injury $1.1 Million

      My client underwent back surgery, which was a success. Unfortunately, he contacted a MRSA infection during the back surgery that required an additional surgery and medical treatment to cure.

    • Auto / Fractured Ankles and Knee $1.03 Million

      My client was a hard worker, who returned to some of his activities as soon as possible, even though he continued to hurt a lot. The defense lawyer argued that his return to work showed he had recovered from hsi injuries.

    • Legal Malpractice $999,000

      Legal malpractice claim against client’s former lawyer who failed to timely bring claims for her freezing to death inside a walk in freezer at a large hotel.

    • Fall / Shoulder Injury $925,000.00
    • Slip and Fall / Fractured Elbow $875,000.00 Verdict (5 Times The Best Offer)

      My client was an air force officer who claimed the outside stairs at the hotel were covered in a "slick, soapy film." The hotel manager inspected the stairs after the fall and denied there was any slippery substance. However, we discovered the hotel staff had previously poured liquid laundry detergent on the stairs to clean them, and the hotel had ordered the stairs to be "pressure washed" the very next day.

    • Auto / Fractured Femur $875,000.00
    • Knee Surgery $850,000

      Failed knee implant requiring a revision surgery

    • Auto / Fractured Sternum / Fractured L1Vertebrae $816,000.00 Verdict (5 Times The Best Offer)

      My client was a 6th grade science teacher whose injuries required no surgery, and she returned to teaching full time as soon as her doctor released her. The defense argued she had made a full recovery. However, she needed daily pain medications to function, testifying that she now lived with a "background of pain."

    • Auto / Fractured Wrist, RSD $750,000.00 Verdict (5 Times The Best Offer)

      The defense disputed that my client suffered from "RSD," a rare condition that causes nerve pain and symptoms to spread from the original injury site to other areas of the body.

    • Auto / Neck Surgery $750,000

      Cobb State Court. The defendant tried to blame my client’s neck injury on an old football injury.

    • Motorcycle Case / Leg and Head Injury $700,000.00

      The defendant, who pulled in front of my client's oncoming motorcycle, claimed the motorcycle was speeding.

    • Auto Injury $676,000

      Client injured when the airport shuttle hit a light pole while transporting her from the airport to her car.

    • Auto / Head Injury $650,000

      Client initially had only a broken wrist from auto crash, but later developed symptoms of a closed head injury.

    • Auto / Back Surgery $650,000.00

      Before the collision, my client had completed numerous marathons in several different cities. After the collision, he continued to stay active and jog for exercise, but his life was "different" due to his pain and limitations.

    • Auto $625,000.00
    • Auto / Concussion $577,000

      Mom and child injured in auto crash. Injured child’s foot and mom suffered a concussion.

    • Premises Fall $550,000

      Client fell on uneven sidewalk joint while walking from her apartment to her car. Defendant denied fault until we inspected the premises and found multiple safety code violations.

    • Knee Implant $525,000

      Defective knee implant.

    • Auto / Lower Back $525,000

      Auto crash caused injury to client’s lower back.

    • Auto / Fractured Ankle / Vertigo $500,000.00
    • Auto / Shoulder Surgery $500,000

      Clarke County State Court

    • Auto / Neck Injury $494,569.18 Verdict (5 Times The Best Offer)

      My client was a nurse who had a herniated disk in her neck even before the auto collision. Due to this reason, the insurance company refused to pay its $100,000 policy limit. We were successful in proving the collision caused further injury to her nerve root exiting her spine at the site of the preexisting herniation. We were also successful in forcing the insurance company to pay the entire verdict, which was $394,569.18 over and above its policy limits.

    • Auto / Fractured Femur $487,000.00 Verdict (5 Times the Best Offer)

      The insurance company failed to offer its $25,000 policy limit, so we tried the case to a jury. Ultimately, we collected an amount far in excess to the policy limits.

    • Auto / Soft Tissue Neck Injury $450,000.00 Verdict (7 Times The Best Offer)
    • Parking Lot Fall / Fractured Femur $450,000.00
    • Black Friday Fall $420,000

      Elderly lady fell when plastic “shrink-wrap” tripped her during a “Black Friday” sale. Surveillance tape showed store employees walking away as customers tore into the plastic instead of intervening and cleaning up the plastic.

    • Fall / Non-Surgical Back Injury / 92 Year Old $400,000.00

      My client was 92 years old when a medical transport driver opened a van door and knocked her down. We successfully argued that her injuries robbed her of her gracefully living out her "golden years."

    • Auto / Knee and Wrist Injury $385,000

      Client hit by valet driver while walking across entrance to a parking deck and suffered a meniscus tear of her knee and a fractured wrist. Defendant denied liability until we secured the video footage from the hotel security camera across the street.

    • Auto / Neck Injury $375,000
    • Fall / Fractured Patella $350,000.00

      The department store defendant denied liability for its customer slipping on a clear liquid on the floor, claiming it had no knowledge of the spill. We discovered that the store had no inspection procedure to look for spills, an a store employee was in the area of the spill at and before the time of the fall.

    • Condemnation Case $347,000.00 Verdict (4 Times the Best Offer)

      Bibb County has been mining "chert" from my client's property for years, which they used to top dress dirt roads. When the mining lease expired, the parties could not agree on a new price. So, Bibb County condemned the property.

    • Auto / Non-surgical Neck Injury $337,000.00
    • Daycare / Burn Injury $300,000.00
    • Trucking Case / Fractured Ankle $295,000.00
    • Auto / Soft Tissue Neck & Ankle Injury $293,000.00 Verdict (3 Times the Best Offer)

      Before his injury, my client was an avid weight lifter who could bench press over 400 pounds. After his injury, he testified he could "only bench press about 275." He worked out to stay in shape for his job as a police officer on the special force unit.

    • Medical Malpractice / Drug Reaction $282,500.00
    • Auto / Fractured Pelvis $275,000.00 (full insurance limits)
    • Auto / Back Injury $250,000.00
    • Auto / Soft Tissue Back Injury $250,000.00
    • Fall Case v. Retail Grocery Store $250,000

      Fractured femur/ 82 year old lady. My client was injured when another customer’s motorized shopping scooter “suddenly rolled backward” into my client. The store claimed the scooter was not defective, and blamed the driver. However, we showed that the store “switched” the scooters before producing it for an inspection.

    • Trip and Fall / Fractured Ankle $230,000.00
    • Motorcycle Case / Shoulder Injury $200,000.00 Verdict (3 Times the Best Offer)
    • Auto / Soft Tissue Neck Injury $200,000.00 Verdict (11 Times The Best Offer)
    • Auto / Soft Tissue Neck Injury $195,000.00
    • Auto / Neck Injury $175,000

      Cobb State Court. No surgery required. My client’s treating doctors gave differing opinions on whether her MRI showed a herniated disk or a benign tumor (that would have been present before the crash.)

    • Auto / Neck Injury $175,000.00
    • Auto / Fractured Foot $140,000

      My had her purse snatched while unloading groceries. Her foot was broken when she tried to retrieve her purse from through the open driver’s window of the get away car.

    • Auto / Torn Rotator Cuff $125,000

      $30,000 Medicals. Clarke County. My client’s MRI showed preexisting, degenerative changes in her shoulder that were present long before the auto crash, making it a challenge to prove her present symptoms were caused by the auto crash.

    • Auto / Fractured Facial Bone $123,000.00
    • Auto / Neck Injury $110,000.00
    • Auto / Soft Tissue Back Injury $100,000.00 Verdict (11 Times The Best Offer)
    • Nursing Home Abuse Confidential Settlement

      My client was an elderly nursing home resident who suffered from dementia. The nursing home worker had secretly punched my client in the face, fracturing her eye socket.