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If you have been seriously injured in an auto accident, you are not alone. By calling Hall & Collins Injury Law, LLC, you can put an experienced Athens, GA car accident attorney on your side. We have decades of experience helping injured clients maximize their recovery in motor vehicle accident cases.

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National Statistics on Car Crashes

The most dangerous thing most people ever do is get behind the wheel of a car. Nationwide, auto accidents are the leading cause of death for younger adults and kids.

  1. According to NHTSA, there are over 5.5 million reported accidents each year. These car wrecks kill over 30,000 people each year and injure more than 2 million.
  2. On average, 90 people a day die in motor vehicle accidents – one every 16 minutes.
  3. Distracted driving is now a serious threat to our safety. At any given moment, approximately 660,000 U.S. drivers are using cell phones.
  4. Drivers who use cell phones are three times as likely to cause a collision.
  5. Texting while driving is now the leading cause of death for teen drivers.
  6. Always wear your seat belt – nationally, seat belts save over 12,000 lives per year.
  7. Avoid texting or distracted driving – texting/distracted driving kills almost 10 people per day and injures more than 1,100 people per day.

How Can Our Firm Help You?

We have seen the devastation and injury caused by car crashes from distracted and careless driving. When we accept your auto accident case, we take away your legal worries and anxiety. Our Athens legal team takes quick action to preserve the evidence needed to prove your personal injury case and alleviate some of your stress and worry. For instance, we take care of all communications with the insurance companies or defendants, send certified letters requiring important evidence to be saved, and obtain cell phone bills and records. We have experts trained in accident reconstruction who can inspect the vehicles involved in the accident, measure and record the accident scene, and download the “black box” information now found in most U.S. vehicles.

Many times, accidents can be explained simply by a driver being focused on a cell phone rather than on the road ahead of them. Further, it is important to identify who an at-fault driver calls or texts immediately after the auto accident. Generally, the at-fault driver will contact someone they trust and confess accurate details about the cause of the car wreck.

With so many people involved in distracted driving from the use of cell phones and other technology, and with “onboard event data recorders” (black boxes) in most vehicles, you need a lawyer experienced in obtaining and interpreting the electronic information needed to prove your case. Technology plays a huge role in proving who may be at fault in an auto accident.

Who Is Going to Pay My Claim?

Finding insurance policies to pay your injury claim can be difficult. Many times, an injured victim must “stack” insurance policies together to provide enough money to pay for all the losses caused by the car accident. This process can be complex and confusing.

We can help. Our Athens car accident lawyers know how to uncover all available insurance. For instance, in many cases, the defendant will only disclose the initial liability policy — and try to “hide” the additional umbrella policy that “floats” above the first policy. Also, car accidents may involve multiple “uninsured motorist policies” that can be “stacked” to maximize the amount of money to pay your injury claim. Timely notice may be required to unlock these additional insurance policies. When we take your injury case, we also take away any worries that the insurance company will try to trick you or play games with the amount of insurance money available to pay for your injury claim.

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"I was T-Boned by a reckless driver who had (no name insurance). My wife called Adam and other lawyers the day of the accident. She made the choice to use Adam and I’m glad she did. During our first meeting with him, I could tell he is passionate about fighting for those injured because of someone else’s negligence. He was quick to return calls if he was unable to take the call on the spot. I must have bad luck because the lady that hit me had the same low-cost insurance as another person who hit my family and me several years prior. The outcome for this most recent accident was far better than when I tried to take care of it myself years ago. Thank you Adam and team for helping make sure I got a fair settlement."

In sum, Mr. Tim Hall and our trial team are completely devoted to helping you recover from your injuries and maximizing the amount you recover in your injury claim. For a free, no-obligation meeting about your injury case, give us a call. We would love to hear your story.

Call us at (706) 445-3785 to learn more about how we can help you and schedule a free consultation at our Athens office.

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