What Do Personal Injury Attorneys Do?

Attorneys are constantly the butt of jokes – one of my personal favorites “Q. What’s the different between a lawyer and a leech? A. After you die, a leech stops sucking your blood.” These jokes stem from the nature of what we do. An attorney’s job begins when something horrible happens in your life. You will only need us if you are injured due to someone’s negligence. Hence the old adage that “no one wants or needs an attorney, until they do.”

Suddenly suffering an injury due to the negligence of another can be overwhelming. The injury could stem from an auto collision, a slip-and-fall due to a leaky refrigerator at your local grocery store, or even a defective product. It is our job to take all the stress and confusion out of pursuing your claim. We do this by educating you on the entire legal process and giving you our honest legal opinions about your case.

We take care of the following on your behalf:

- Notifying the at-fault party of your claim;
- Setting up your claim with the negligent party’s insurance company;
- Preserving evidence from witnesses and other third parties;
- Documenting your injuries and/or damages;
- Identifying all available insurance coverages;
- Providing Knowledgeable Advice on the Value of Your Injury and/or Damages;
- Presenting a Demand;
- Pre-suit Negotiations with Insurance Adjusters;
- Protecting your Interest in Settlement Documents, such as a Release;
- Satisfying all enforceable liens on your claim;
- Negotiating down medical bills related to your claim;
- Protecting you from subrogation claims;
- Locating and Identifying Expert Witnesses;
- Evaluating the venue and trial strategy;
- Filing suit, and handling all other Filings needed to get your case promptly and efficiently to a jury.

Let us help you!

We provide valuable guidance through the complicated world of insurance claims and the legal system. It is our job to allow you to make confident, informed decisions about your claim. Simply put, we help injured parties in Athens, Georgia, and around the whole state of Georgia get back on their feet.

Our firm is very experienced in helping clients with their personal injury and auto accident claims. For a free, no obligation meeting, give us a call.